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Attendance Management

Our work platform has been built grounds up as Attendance software for current times. The application can be used where attendance recording modes are diverse from biometric and it’s integration, web application login, mobile app clock in, GPS based clock in, Geo Fencing etc.

Other functionalities of the Attendance platform

1. Integrated attendance solution for multi the attendance information of all location/ branches/ project site on a real time basis.

2. Synchronisation of multi-mode of attendance logout/ commute, data will be synchronised real time and can be accessed by user/ respective team heads/ HR.

3. Visibility across stake holders – mobile, for Managers of their Team and for department heads of their respective Departments

4. GPS based login from the mobile app GPS option. And can also mark the distance trav

5. Daily closure of attendance attendance as employees need to login their attendance every day and in case of any misses, itgets conveyed through an e And employees can regularize the same either through a Leave application or through the modificationof attendance. This helps the HR to only focus on the exceptions.

6. Ease of attendance regularisation the respective mobile device or from the web application and such regularisation triggers theworkflow for approval process.

Payroll Services - Online 

Our end to end payroll services are comprehensive from Structuring compensation packages, Assurance on Statutory Compliance – Computation and remittance of statutory dues, Calculation of Leave Encashment, Tax Workings, TDS remittance, Quarterly filing of TDS returns with Income Tax Authorities Issuance of TDS Certificate, Disbursement of salary, Readily available consultation with payroll team of experts. Our payroll experts can handle complications such as: multi pay structure, sub-contract payroll with multi-location etc. Our deliverables also include: monthly Payroll MIS reports & SLA Reporting.

Our Payroll Service is a combination of both Technology and Service offerings. The key offerings are as follows;

A. HR Database and Process

  • Employee information management like identity,

  • Payroll change management process with role based access rights and workflow feature – New Joinees, Resignation, Deduction, Increments, Master changes, Advances etc.

  • Online NDC clearance

  • HR Reports like New Joinee, Exits.

B. Payroll Technology offerings

  • Access of Pay slip, Tax workings, Tax declaration and FBP declaration status through Mobileapp.

  • Automated workflows for all processes.

  • Online employee Savings declaration submission

  • Online employee savings proof submission

  • Online FBP declaration facility

  • Online FBP claim submission

C. Payroll Service offerings

1. Monthly payroll run - Online Pay slip, salary statement, tax working sheets, bank advice, control reports to validate

2. Monthly compliances -

3. Monthly Payroll MIS 4. Monthly Service performance Report

5. On-Going - Query management from employees/HR/Finance teams of the client is a ticketing system for this.

6. Monthly Filing - PF, PT, ESI 7. Quarterly e TDS return and filing

8. Annual - Form 16 with digital signature which are distributed thru e mail with password protection. Also providing Form 16 download from ESS for employees.

9. Onsite Help Desk - Once or twice a year.

10. Advice and implementation of best practice salary structure keeping in mind Income tax, Provident Fund, ESI, Minimum wages and Statutory Bonus etc…D.


Recently launched Technology Features:

1. Mobileapp based Payroll / Attendance / Leave Management & submission of Tax.

2. App based submission of Investment Proof submission.

3. Payslip download of Payslip of previous months online.

4. App based Tax calculator for the employees to check which tax method is more tax beneficial.


Leave Management

Our Leave Management platform is a comprehensive one and configurable to multiple leave types, leave periods, location specific holiday lists, rules and approval work flows. It is adaptable to different scenarios of say carry forward discretionary Loss of Pay, Personal Time off and compensatory offs Etc.,


From a staff perspective it is very convenient to apply or look for status of his leave application all in a matter of a few seconds. Managers / HR would see alerts in the App and can from it.


1. App based leave application and approval employee from their respective mobile app and even the managers can approve the same from Mobile application.

2. Comp off management – Our workflow enabled.

3. Analytical Dashboard – our leave platform has the meaning full dashboard which provides visibility of Leave availed trend, Causes of Leave, Leave Profile, leave pending process, Exceptions etc.

4. Workflow – Our leave platform has the option of multilevel approval processes.

5. Compliance report – Automated Muster roll and leave card report (Form T and Form F).

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